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IGG DISCOVER: Now you’re a Ladybird Guide 04

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Take part in a ball game (solar system)


 A small yellow ball or balloon (for the sun
 Another small ball (blue/green for the earth)
 A hula hoop (the path the earth follows around the sun)
 A bauble with a long string (about 12 in/30cm)


The activity below can also introduce science to the Ladybirds while taking part in a ball game


• Place the Hula Hoop in the middle of the floor.
• Place the yellow ball in the middle of the hula hoop on the floor
• Divide the girls into pairs
• Ask the first girl to try and roll the blue ball around the outside of the hula hoop. (Note: It takes one year for the earth to travel around the sun)
• As each girl moves the blue ball around the hula hoop, a second girl can try to swing the bauble around the blue ball 12 times. (Note: The moon moves around the earth in almost 28 days)

Trefoil News Spring Edition 2017


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