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Make a Wand for St. Patrick’s Day


Per Ladybird
 1 Jumbo straw/lollipop stick
 2 green card shamrocks
 Glue
 Glitter
 Florist ribbon


Make a wand for St. Patrick’s Day

• Print Shamrocks onto Green Card ( see overleaf)
• Leader’s note: print either page 2 or 3 only
• Give each Ladybird two shamrock of the same size
• Glue the two shamrocks together leaving a gap at the stem to insert the straw
• Sprinkle some glitter to the shamrocks
• Place glue on the top of the straw and Insert into • shamrock
• Wrap the pipe cleaner around the straw.
• Alternatively wrap green, white and orange pipe cleaners around the straw

Trefoil News Spring 2017
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