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Science Experiments


 Baking SODA
 Vinegar
 Large container (for volcano)
 Babywipes


Care should be taken when doing these experiments. Make sure to avail of some extra helpers to help prepare the experiments and tidy up afterwards. Make sure to explain the experiment and the materials being used. It’s important that the Ladybirds listen to the instructions as health and safety of the girls is a priority. Baking soda and vinegar are not for eating!.

• Gather the girls in a group
• Set up all of the ingredients and explain to the girls what you are doing
• Put in some baking soda into the container
• Pour on a small amount of vinegar and watch the volcano erupt!
• Use the babywipes to clean up any mess.

Note: The chemicals in the baking soda and the vinegar react with one another. Carbonic acid splits into water and carbon dioxide causing an eruption.
Try adding some colour to the vinegar to create a more colourful explosion

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