IGG FLY: Compulsory Challenge 10

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Take part in activities that explore your 5 senses (experiments)


 Straw
 Glass of water
 Blown up Balloon
 Banana
 Play Sand
 Warm Water


Care should be taken when doing these experiments. Make sure to avail of some extra helpers to help prepare the experiments and tidy up afterwards. Make sure to explain the experiment and the materials being used. It’s important that the Ladybirds listen to the instructions as health and safety of the girls is a priority. Baking soda and vinegar are not for eating! Always be careful when doing games or experiments with water and ensure that the Ladybirds are supervised

Eyes: Place a straw into a glass of water and notice the crooked straw when you look at it through the glass
Ears: Tap a blown up balloon and listen to the louder tapping sound it creates when holding the balloon up to your ear.
Nose and Mouth: Try eating a piece of banana while pinching your nose. If you can’t smell it, you can’t taste it! Now try eating another piece of banana without pinching your nose and enjoy the banana taste.
Hands: Mix some play sand and warm water. Let the ladybirds feel the gritty mixture. They can make some ‘mud’ handprints*. When the Ladybirds wash their hands afterwards, let them feel the cold water on their hands and then the warm water. Which is better for washing away the dirt?


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