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IGG GROW: Compulsory Challenge 01

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Plant something, take it home and watch it grow (irish activity)


 Green, white and orange bottle tops (enough for each girl in the unit)
 Plastic lids off Pringles tin (enough for each girl in the unit)
 Cotton wool balls
 Glue
 Shamrock seed


The Ladybirds can plant seeds and watch them grow.

• Each girl should glue a green, white and orange lid (to reflect colours of Irish flag) to a Pringles tin lid.
• Put some dampened cotton wool balls into each of the green, white and orange lids together with the shamrock seed.
• In addition to this, the pringle tin lid could be glued to a green shamrock. Bring it home and watch it grow

Trefoil News Spring Edition 2017


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