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Magic Boots


a pair of shoes or boots - large size so they fit everyone


This is great game for doing a physical activity with the guides. Choose an outdoor space or an open area and mark a starting point (A) and finishing point (B) (approximately 3 metres apart).

The goal is to transfer the entire group from points A to B using one pair of magic boots. It’s not as easy as it sounds so we suggest you follow these rules:
• No body part can touch the ground except for the feet wearing the magic boots.
• The boots cannot be thrown across the field between points A to B, but they can be
• carried.
• Each foot on each person can only wear a boot safely for one trip across from points
• A to B.
• After that foot is used, it cannot be used for any more trips.

If necessary, you can appoint one member of the group to be the magic boots ‘guardian ‘making sure that no rules are broken. Good luck!

If the group is big you can split them into smaller teams which will compete. The first team that moves all its members from point A to point B, wins!

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