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Plan and undertake experiments or research in two of the following areas. Show you understand the science behind what you have done. A) Weather - learn about predicting, measuring and preparing for weather. b) Crime Scene Investigation – find out what happens when a crime is being investigated. c) World of the future – how do developments in science and engineering improve the way we live? d) Flash, bang, goo – can mixing things change what they do? e) Night Sky – identify 3 constellations and the legends connected with them. 1(d)


A number of guides
Chalk or masking tape
Measuring tape
Paper and pen or pencil
Height estimation chart (see below)


Aim of Badge: To encourage an interest in science

This Badge has 2 options of which 2 must be completed

Working in patrols
1. Ask the guides to remove their shoes and stand against a wall, with their heels firmly against the wall.
2. Mark each guides’ height by placing a chalk mark or a piece of masking tape on the wall at the top of the head.
3. Mark the length of each guide’s left foot by placing a chalk mark or a piece of masking tape on the floor at the tip of the longest toe on the left foot.
4. Ask each guide to step away from the wall, then measure along the floor from the wall to the mark you made on the floor. It doesn’t matter whether you use centimetres or inches, as long as you use the same thing for all the measurements. Record this measurement in the “Foot Length” column of the height estimation chart.
5. Measure up the wall from the floor to the mark you made on the wall. Record this measurement in the “Height” column of the height estimation chart.
6. Divide the length of each guide’s foot by her height. Multiply that answer by 100. Write the final number on your chart.
7. The final number should be about 15 for each guide you’ve measured. This indicates that the length of a guide’s foot is about 15% of his or her height. (This ratio doesn’t always hold for kids, though, since the proportion of body parts in growing children is different depending on their age.)

See overleaf for additional activity: Guess the height of the suspect at a Crime Scene

Acknowledgement/Source:Trefoil News Spring Edition 2017

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