IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Science Investigator 01 (b)

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Finger Prints


Ink pad
White index cards
Cocoa powder
Hard candy
Small brush
Clear tape eg sellotape


Aim of Badge: To encourage an interest in science

This Badge has 2 options of which 2 must be completed

b) Crime Scene Investigation – find out what happens when a crime is being investigated.
• Give each Guide the chance to take fingerprints and have her fingerprints taken.
• Get each guide to examine each other’s card of prints to look at the difference in the shapes.
• Discuss how difficult it is to get clear prints.

How to Take Fingerprints

Use a standard ink pad to practice taking your fingerprints. Utilize ink that washes off with soap for easier clean up. Gently roll your index finger across the top of the ink pad, and then gently roll the inked finger across a white index card. The ridges and spirals on the finger should be clear to read. If they are not then keep practicing until you can make your own fingerprint clearly.

Practice lifting fingerprints from glass with the use of cocoa powder, a piece of hard candy and a drinking glass. Put the candy in your mouth until it is sticky. Remove the candy from your mouth using the index finger and thumb. Once both fingers are sticky grasp the glass so the index fingerprint is on the outside of the glass. Dust the outside of the glass with the cocoa powder and gently brush away the excess powder. Place the sticky side of clear tape over the fingerprint and pull away. Place the tape onto a white index card so the fingerprint is clearly visible. Repeat as necessary to master the skill.

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