Five Dollars Game

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A number off game where two players try to move items fastest.


5 Coins
2 Chairs


Girls sit on the floor in 2 parallel lines with a reasonable space between each line.
Number them 1 - ? along one line and then the same starting at the other end with the second line.
In the middle of the space between them, put 5 coins.
Put a chair at each end of the space and assign one to each team.
As you call out a particular number both those girls dash up, pick up one coin and run to put it on their team’s chair.
They do the same for the second coin.
The first girl to pick up a third coin and get it to her chair gains a point for her side.

If playing outside you may wish to use larger items than coins, and draw a circle or place a groundsheet in place of the chairs.



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