Flapping fish

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Cut a 'fish shape' from a sheet of newsprint for each player.
Put name on fish or decorate with eyes.
Each player to roll up a newspaper and wave the newspaper over the "fish" causing it to flap and move.
First "fish" to cross the line wins.


Marker pen


1. Mark a start line and a finish line about 2 metres/yards apart.
2. Each player will need a sheet of newspaper cut into the shape of a fish and another sheet of rolled up newspaper.
3. Kea line up behind the start line with their fish on the line.
4. At a given signal, the competitors use the wind from the rolled up newspaper as it is waved over the fish to "flap" the fish from a starting line to the finish line.
5. The first player to flap their fish over the finish line wins the race.
Note: You could run this game with five or six competitors at once, or you could have two competitors each round with either an elimination winner or a best-of-three-races winner. Alternatively, run this as a non-competitive race where every player gets a prize for passing the finish line.


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