Valentine's Day - Marshmallow Hearts

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Make rice crispie cake hearts


Ingredients (per 4 Beavers)
• 3 tbsp butter (or 1 quarter of a 500g pack)
• 6 cups of rice crispies
• 4 cups mini marshmallows
• 1 drop red/pink food colouring

Optional topping
• 1 cup icing sugar
• 2 tbsp water
• Red sprinkles/hundreds and thousands

• Stove top
• 1 pan (large enough to hold all the ingredients with room for mixing)
• Measuring cup (1 cup)
• Measuring spoon (1 tbsp)
• Wooden spoon
• Dessert spoon
• Tea spoon
• Pot stand (something heatproof to put on the worksurface)
• Small mixing bowl and plate (if making icing)
• Baking/parchment paper
• Plastic bag (to take home)
• Cake pop stick/Lollipop/Popsicle sticks (optional)



1. Wash your hands
2. Turn on stove (be careful – it will get hot!)
3. Put pan on stove
4. Put the butter in the pan
5. Stir the butter with the wooden spoon until it is melted
6. When the butter is melted add 4 cups of marshmallows
7. Hold the pan steady and use the wooden spoon to stir the marshmallows
8. Stir the marshmallows until they are all gooey, smooth and one bit lump
9. Take the pan off the stove (and turn the stove off – don’t forget it might still be hot even after you turn it off!)
10. Add a small drop of pink or red food colouring
11. Stir in the food colouring until the mixture is all the same colour
12. Add 6 cups of rice crispies
13. Use the wooden spoon to stir everything together until the goo covers all the rice crispies
14. Ask an adult to help divide the mixture in to 4 balls
15. Roll the ball and press it all together as tight as you can
16. Try and make a heart shape with your ball
17. If you want, you can put a stick in it to make a lolly
18. Leave your heart to cool down/set on a piece of baking paper
• Make some icing by using the dessert spoon to mix 1 cup of icing sugar with 2 tablespoons of water – don’t make it too runny
• Add one teaspoon of icing to the front of your heart and spread it around using the back of the teaspoon
• Put some red sprinkles on a plate
• Carefully place your heart (icing side down) in to the sprinkles




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