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Robots can be programmed to do all sorts of things. Often, the things robots do are designed to help people. In this activity young people get to play the role of inventors to design a robot that can help them on camp, an expedition or on a day trip.
Taken from the microsite on 17/02/2017


Pens and Pencils


1. Talk to your young people about the various things
robots can do. Explain that a robot is a machine that can carry out tasks by following instructions. A robot understands these instructions through a computer that is programmed by a computer programmer. What robots can they think of? What sort of jobs do these robots do?
2. Talk to the young people about camp or an expedition
or day trip and get them thinking about all the tasks that you need to do before you go on, once you arrive and when you leave. Which things could a robot help with?
3. Give the young people a piece of paper and pencils.
4. Tell the young people that they are going to become
inventors and design a robot that will help them on camp. They should work out:
- What the robot will look like
- What it will do
- What instructions they will need to give it and what order the robot will complete the tasks
- How they will programme it to achieve what they want it to
- What sensors it will need, such as light and sound sensors


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