Links of Unity

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Girls make a paper chain or lei to take home with the things that Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have in common. Could be extended and used with Annabel's "Things Guides and Girl Scouts Share" activity to identify these links first.


Coloured paper, printer (colour optional), scissors, staples
Knowledge of these links for discussion


Print off the pages onto different coloured sheets of paper. (There should be 14 copies per sheet)

Ask the girls what Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world have in common.

As you discuss each link of unity with the girls, hand out the strip. Girls staple them together into a chain (or into a lei by linking the last to the first.)

There are some extra links included (Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, World Centres, Uniform and the WAGGS strapline “Girls Worldwide Say…”, Promise and Law) to extend the chain. These can be omitted.

Running time will depend on number of girls and depth of discussions


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