Bats and Moths Game

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A lively game of tag involving blindfolds.


One scarf / necker per participant


Put the scouts into four teams. One team is the bats and they are blindfolded with their scarves, the other three teams are moths and they have their legs tied together with their scarves so that they have to jump everywhere. The bats have to find the moths and when they tag one the moth is out and leaves the play area. Give the bats five minutes to catch as many moths as they can or time how long it takes them to catch all of them. Then change round three times so that every team has a turn at being the bats. At the end the winning team is the one that caught most moths in the time allowed or that caught all of them in the quickest time. You could also keep individual tallies so that the bat that caught the most moths in any one game, or overall, is also a winner. When scouts are bats they can be at their most effective working as a team to catch the moths.
From "1000 Fantastic Scout Games"


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