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Cubs will discuss kitchen safety, the different methods of cooking, the importance of a varied diet, and cook a two course meal.


Gas Stoves (2 rings per group)
Pots and Pans


1. As a pack discuss with the Cubs the importance of hygiene. What do we need to make sure we do/don't do?
Write a list of suggested ideas on the whiteboard.
Demonstrate how to properly wash hands.
Cubs should all wash and dry hands thoroughly at this point.

2. Cubs are to cook and present a main meal and a dessert (chosen and planned by Six last week).
Each group will be supervised by an adult or young leader.
Emphasise the importance of kitchen safety.
Akela to move between groups and discuss the different cooking methods that they are using, advantages/disadvantages, and the importance of healthy eating.

3. Once Cubs have completed their dish, they should present it on the 'tasting table' ready for the meal to be eaten by everyone.
Encourage to Cubs to clean up as they go so they have less washing up to do at the end of the evening.

4. Everyone to taste the different foods, and on a piece of paper make notes about each meal (in Sixes).

Once everything is packed away, ask the Cubs to help choose the menu for our upcoming camp.
Cubs should rate the meals on a "taste wall".
We will then fill out the menu template on the whiteboard.


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