Trading Post - Cubs

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Teamwork is the key to success in this session of varied challenges and activities. Cubs will need to work in teams to trade in tokens in exchange for resources needed to complete challenges. If they successfully complete challenges they earn tokens!


- Coloured pasta for tokens
- 4 pots for collecting tokens
- Prizes for the winners
- Paper and pens
- Washing up bowl of water
- Cream crackers
- Large playing cards
- Tape measure
- Trivia questions
- Items for Kim’s game
- Guttering and balls
- Craft straws
- Tape
- Scissors
- String
- Coins for weight
- Lists of challenges
- Cups, biscuits, juice
- OS Map of local area


1. Explain to the Cubs the aim of the activity is to work in their sixes to earn the most tokens. Cubs will earn tokens by working together to complete challenges.

2. Each six will begin the evening with 5 tokens. These tokens should be used to buy resources to help them complete the different challenges.

3. Cubs can trade in their tokens for whatever resources they would like. Resources that will be available to them are:

• Paper (1 token per A4 sheet)
• Pens (1 token per pen)
• Craft straws (2 tokens for 30)
• String (5 tokens per ball)
• Crackers (2 tokens per cracker)
• Scissors (2 tokens per pair)
• Cups (1 token each)
• Biscuits (1 token each)
• Juice (2 tokens per cupful)
• Tape (5 tokens per roll)
• OS Map (2 tokens per 5 minutes)

Some challenges do not require Cubs to buy resources; instead they exchange tokens to have a go at the challenge.

4. Each team may only complete each challenge ONCE. Teams can complete the list in any order.

Discuss with your Cubs what they enjoyed about the programme. Run a “cool wall” with the Cubs, asking them to rate the different challenges. Cubs could also suggest new challenges for when we run this event in the future (if they enjoyed it).

Guidance for Cubs
Your challenge is to work as a team to complete as many of these tasks as possible. Each team will be given 5 tokens to start with. You can use these tokens to buy resources that you might need at the supplies shop. Once you have made/completed a task, you should take your items to the trading post where they will test them and exchange them for tokens.
- Please queue patiently at both the supply shop and the trading post.
- Please do not interfere with other teams.
- You have 1 hour to complete as many of the challenges as possible. The team with the most tokens at the end of the hour will win.

Challenges and Prizes
• Make a paper boat that will float with a weight in. PRIZE: 2 tokens per 30 seconds.
• Write out the Cub Scout Promise. PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Eat a cream cracker and whistle in less than 30 seconds. PRIZE: 5 tokens.
• Write an A to Z of animals. PRIZE: 2 tokens for every 5 animals named.
• Build a freestanding tower that stands over 1m tall from the base. PRIZE: 20 tokens.
• Tie a reef knot. PRIZE: 5 tokens.
• Draw an accurate map of the Scout Hut and surrounding area. PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Build a structure firm enough to hold a cup of water. PRIZE: 20 tokens.
• Create a poster illustrating the 8 points of a compass. PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Give a six figure grid reference for the scout hut. PRIZE: 5 tokens.
• Make a paper plane that will fly the width of the hut. 3 practice throws only. PRIZE: 5 tokens.
• Draw a recognisable picture of one of your leaders! PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Correctly demonstrate putting someone in the recovery position. PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Explain 5 ways that you can stay safe around fire. PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Bring a hungry leader a drink and a snack. PRIZE: 5 tokens.
• Make a paper cup that will hold water. PRIZE: 5 tokens.
• Higher or lower – can you predict higher or lower 5 times in a row?
COST: 1 tokens per go. PRIZE: 4 tokens if all 5 cards predicted correctly.
• Kim’s game – can you remember 10 mystery items?
COST: 3 tokens per go. PRIZE: 1 token for every item remembered correctly.
• Gutter ball – get the ball from A to B using only gutter pieces and people.
COST: 2 tokens per go. PRIZE: 20 tokens.
• Trivial pursuit – can you answer these general knowledge questions?
COST: 1 token per question. PRIZE: 2 tokens for every correct answer.

Other possible challenges:

• Correctly identify (see attached)/name 5 water craft. PRIZE: 2 tokens for each correct answer
• Tie a figure of 8 knot PRIZE: 5 tokens.
• Tie a thumb knot/overhand knot. PRIZE: 2 tokens.
• Tie a square lashing PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Correctly put a sling on a leader/another cub. PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Give 3 ways to safe online. PRIZE: 3 tokens for each correct answer
• Correctly identify 3 plants/trees (see attached). PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Decipher a code. PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Write out the Cub Scout Law. PRIZE: 10 tokens.
• Identify as many of the map symbols as you can PRIZE: 2 tokens for each correct answer
• Spell your name using fingerspelling PRIZE: 10 tokens (5 token penalty if a prompt card is used)


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  • team building
  • team games
  • teamwork
  • Trading post

Badge Links

  • Air Activities - Paper
  • Artist - Imaginary drawing
  • Artist - Poster
  • Communicator - Code
  • Communicator - Memory
  • Disability Awareness - Fingerspelling
  • Emergency Aid - Unconscious and breathing
  • Fire Safety - Dangers
  • Naturalist - Identify
  • Nautical Skills - Identify
  • Navigator - 4 compass points
  • Navigator - 4-figure reference
  • Navigator - 6-figure reference
  • Navigator - 8 compass points
  • Navigator - Draw map
  • Navigator - Key
  • Navigator - Locate
  • Outdoors - Project
  • Paddle Sports - Identify
  • Personal Safety - Online Safety
  • Pioneer - Hitch
  • Pioneer - Lashing
  • Pioneer - Three knots
  • Road Safety - Signs
  • Skills - Activity
  • Skills - Problem solving
  • Teamwork - Pack forum
  • Teamwork - Team game
  • Teamwork - Team-building