Health & Fitness Badge (Parts 1, 4, 5)

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Health & Fitness Badge- mop up.


Clock/watch with a second hand.


1) Promotions- In Lodges, discuss with Beavers the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, encourage them to think about why it is good for their health. They should then design a short (2-3 minute) sketch showing this information and practice it ready to show the rest of the colony.
2) Promotions con.- Each Lodge should demonstrate their sketch to the rest of the colony and a leader should summarise what has been learnt after all of the Lodges have performed.

3) Heart- Talk about the heart rate and how this can be felt at the wrist (on the thumb side), it can also be felt at the neck, but don't use this (and if you have to, only one side). Ask Beavers what they think it should be (80-120 for their age). Get each Beaver to record their heart rate.
4) Heart- Play an active game, eg. a game where they have to move around each other, that demonstrates agility (for one of the badge clauses), then reassess the heart rate, talk about why it has increased e.g. heart pumping faster to move blood/oxygen more quickly etc.

Any additional time should be used for playing another game/s that demonstrate agility.


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