Hunt the Woggle

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Short game best played soon after the Cubs have been taught a reef know or a sheet bend to enable knot practice.


Woggle, multiple short pieces or rope or paracord


Get Cubs to join all the small ropes using mix of Reef Knots and Sheet Bends.

The Cubs stand in a circle facing inwards, holding the circle of string in each hand. One Cub is chosen by the Leader and goes and stands in the middle of the circle, and is told to close his eyes. The woggle is then moved around the string from Cub to Cub. As each Cub gets the woggle passed to him, he hides it under one of his hands, passes it to under his other hand, then to the next Cub. After a few seconds, the Cub in the middle is told to start looking and he has to try and identify who has the woggle as it is continuously passed around the circle. Each Cub tries to make out he has it by clenching his fists and seeming to be passing it. When the Cub in the middle has guessed correctly - or has guessed enough times - he changes places with the Cub who has the woggle.


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