Seed Raising/Home made Greenhouse

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Using old toilet rolls you can create bio-degradable seed pots that can be planted directly into the soil. A great activity for enviromental work and recycling based themes.


Old toilet roll
clear plastic containers or clear zip lock bags
Seed raising mix or potting mix
seeds of your choice


1. Using scissors cut toilet roll in half
2. Then make four evenly spaced cuts around the bottom, the cuts should reach approx a third of the way up the side of the half roll.
3. Fold the cut part of the toilet roll together like you would close a box, now you should have a small roll with a closed up base.
4. Fill roll with seed raising mix or potting mix.
5. Put seeds in soil and cover as requires.
6. Using a soft spray from a hose or a watering can ensure seeds and toilet rolls are very damp
7. Position seed pots in a clear zip lock bag or clear plastic container and seal.
8. Leave in sunny position and do not open after a few days the seeds will begin to sprout.
9. Once seeds have been sprouted for a few days you open the sealed container or bag to ensure mold doesn't grow. Keep pots moist until ready for transplanting.


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