What to wear on a hike (Beavers level)

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A game where Beavers have to run to 'yes' or 'no' when you hold up different items of clothing, and ask whether it would be suitable for a hike.


"Yes" and "No" signs, clothing from lots of different scenarios (include some really inappropriate clothing, like swimsuits, flip flops, dressing gowns...make it silly as well as educational!)


Gather the Beaver in the middle of the room; have your 'no sign attached to the middle of one wall, and your 'yes' sign attached to the opposite wall.

Each time you lift a piece of clothing and ask 'should I wear this on my hike?' the Beavers should run to their chosen answer. You can then pick one Beaver stood at the correct wall, and ask why they went that item is/isn't appropriate.

Keep going until you've used up all your clothing!


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  • what to wear for a hike

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