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Exploring my World badge, several games I found and should work well for the girls - Supported by the GGNZ Programme Team


Paper, coloured pens, chalk, M&Ms, whole fruit per girl,


Divide the learners into small groups. Provide each group a large sheet of flip chart paper and markers. Have them to draw a large flower with a centre and an equal number of petals to the number of learners in their group. Through discussion with their group members, have them find their similarities and differences. They should fill in the centre of the flower with something they all have in common.
Each member should then fill in his or her petal with something about them that is unique — unlike any other member in their group. Students should be instructed that they cannot use physical attributes such as hair color, weight etc. This encourages them to have more meaningful discussions with their group members).
They should be encouraged to be creative in their ideas and drawings.
After the small group activity, have them share with the large group, about similarities and differences.

Have a packet (or 3!) of M&M’s. Each girl takes turns pulling one out and has to tell the group something about themselves depending on what colour they get:
RED: something about yesterday
ORANGE: something you do well
YELLOW: something you want to learn
BLUE: something you learned last week
BROWN: something you can’t live without
GREEN: something you watch/listen to

Lemons (or use any other non-squish fruit you have available):
- give each girl a lemon
- have them write their name on it, or stick a label underneath
- give them two minutes to memories their fruit
- sit in a close, shoulder to shoulder circle, facing outwards, hands behind them inside the circle
- pass the fruit round, and each girl carefully feels each fruit
- if they think a fruit is theirs they keep it, otherwise they pass it on
- they keep passing on the other fruit once they've found theirs
- after sufficient time have them look at the fruit and see if it's theirs
- discuss what makes us different from each other, and what good and bad things come from being different
(from the 2011 WAGGGS World Thinking Day Activity Pack)

Not as unique as we think:
-Prepare some questions in advance
-Have the girls shut their eyes
-Ask a question and everyone who it applies to puts their hand up
-Count up the hands
-Hands down and open their eyes
-Ask how many people they think had their hands up
-reveal the answer
Girls may want to take over asking questions they've come up with, or move on to:

Fruit Salad:
(search Find Activities if you don't already know the basic Fruit Salad Game)
Play the fruit salad game, but instead of calling out pre-assigned fruit the person in the middle calls out something and everyone who is or does or likes that thing has to swap places.
e.g. everyone with bare feet
everyone who likes swimming
everyone who can do a cartwheel
everyone who has a sister


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  • Differences
  • DIfferent
  • diversity
  • Similarities
  • Uniqueness

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