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beavers spend 10-15 minutes at 3 stations.
Station 1: learn what plants need to grow (worksheets & discussion), then plant a pot/flower bed with seasonal plants/herbs/vegetables.
Station 2: discuss, then create a picture of a tree throughout the 4 seasons.
Station 3: Tool and use matching game, and a chance to look at and learn how to use various gardening tools


brown, yellow, light green, bright green pencils/crayons/paint
snowflakes, buds, leaves etc to stick on season tree (use your imagination!)
plants, soil/compost, flower beds or pots
variety of garden tools
gardening gloves
printed copies of the handouts/templates and worksheets attached below


brief introduction to session, then split into 3 groups and spend 10-15 minutes at each station completing the activities.


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