Leprechaun Masks

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Use paper plates & craft paper to make a leprechaun mask for St Patrick's Day


paper plates, green, black & yellow (or gold) craft paper, orange pens/paint/tissue paper, scissors, glue sticks


Fold a paper plate in half, then cut out the middle, so then when you open it out again you have a ring shape. Colour, paint or stick orange tissue paper to the ring, to make the beard.
Cut out a large rectangle of green craft paper for the main part of the hat, plus a thinner rectangle for the 'rim' of the hat. Glue these together, and then glue them to the beard.
cut a strip and a small square of black craft paper, and a slightly larger square of yellow/gold craft paper. Glue to yellow square to the middle of the black strip, then glue the black square in the middle of the yellow square, to make a buckle. Glue this piece to the hat, just above the rim.


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