Card suit melee

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The objective of this game is for each team to collect all the cards for


One pack of 52 normal playing cards.
4 large hula hoops
Whistle (for the leader)
A large rectangular/square playing area, indoors or outdoors


1. Divide children into four teams.
2. Place each team in a different corner of the playing area and place hoop on the ground in front of the team.
3. Shuffle the card deck and deal evenly to each team, placing the cards face-up in the hoops.
4. Assign each team a card suit: clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds.
5. Rules: every player can only carry one playing card at a time.
6. On the whistle the players must run to the others team's hoops to collect a card from their team's suit and return the card to their own team's hoop.
7. At the same time other teams can also steal back your cards and place them in their hoop, face-up.
8. Remember each player can only carry one card at a time.
Children running everywhere may have collisions with other children, so a large playing are will give them plenty of room.
If you are indoors in a smaller area then restrict the children to fast walking.


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