Paracord Buddies

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Practice knot tying using the Cobra weave - ideally for Cub age upwards as it can be really fiddly! You will need two adults (at least one who has practiced this at home beforehand) for each group of 4-6 Cubs.


String or sisal
Paracord in various colours
Masking tape
Tea lights and matches


There's masses of different videos on YouTube to copy, but I found the one below to be the best - How to make Macramé Dolls by Red Ted Art:
The trick is to use string/sisal for the main body, and paracord for the colour/arms - tying paracord to paracord is very fiddly.
The other trick is use masking tape as an extra pair of hands.
1. Cut string/sisal 40 cm long
2. Fold string in half, and tie a knot at the loop end to make a 'head'. You could add a bead but my Cubs weren't that bothered.
3. Place the string on the table with the 'feet' pointing away from you. Stick a strip of masking tape over the 'head' loop - this stops the string moving around too much.
4. Cut 45cm length of paracord. You will need to cut off a fair bit at the end, but any shorter makes it too fiddly to work with.
5. Fold paracord in half, and lay over the string with a loop to the left. The top paracord crosses over the one below, then under the string and out through the loop on the left. Watch the video! Pull tight.
6. Repeat, this time with the loop on the right.
7. Repeat about 4 times, going downwards towards the 'head'. Keep pulling knots tight.
8. Once finished, tie a knot in each 'arm' - don't make the arms too long or your Buddy will look a bit freaky
9. Tie double knots in the string for 'feet'.
10. Cut off the excess string and paracord to make neater. Seal the paracord ends (not the string - this will end badly!) using the lit tea light.


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