Bench Bean Bag Bottle Bash Game

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Beavers / Cubs / Scouts stand on a bench (or sturdy chair) and knock down plastic bottles under their opponent's bench. Relay to next team player until all the team has knocked down all bottles. Other team mates work together to pass the bean bags back to the thrower. Can use tennis balls - indoor or outdoor.


Plastic Bottles (2 litre ideal) - Minimum 4 per team
Bean Bags - Minimum 3 per team, 2 colours - one for each team
Benches / Chairs - 1 per team
NOTE! Not suitable for collapsible chairs! Benches must be stable


Divide group into 2 teams evenly (1 person goes twice if not even).
Benches are placed opposite one another at a distance the group can throw depending on the section age and ability.
Place bottles spaced out in a row in front of (or just below) bench / chair.
First thrower from each team stands on their bench.
The thrower's team mates stand behind the opponent's bench.
Thrower try to knock down bottles (with only 3 bean bags and 4 bottles, the thrower will need to throw again at least once).
Team mates work as a team to retrieve bean bags and throw them back to their thrower.
Once all bottles are knocked down, thrower runs to the knocked down bottles to stand them all up again and tags the next player who becomes the thrower.
The winning team is the one that completes knocking down all bottles by each player.
Variations: Individual and Knock-Out competitions; Thrower retrieves their own bean bags; 2 throwers on a bench (as long as safe and practical to do so - adult could sit on end of bench for stability). Tennis balls (especially if outdoors).


  • bean bags
  • beanbags
  • bottle
  • skittles

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