Incoming Tide Survival

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The team are stranded on a sand bank, they have just 30 minutes before the tide comes in. In order to survive they have to build structure that holds the entire team off the ground.


Equipment Required:

3 x 2.4m poles
3 x 1.5m poles
4 x 3m ropes


Incoming Tide Team Challenge Instructions

The team are stranded on a sand bank and the tide is coming in fast
The water will only rise to about 30cm deep but it is full of hungry piranhas so the whole team must get out of the water
A structure must be built to hold the whole team out of the water


Only use the equipment provided
No throwing or dropping of logs
No-one can be more than 50cm off the ground
The leader must inspect the structure before anyone can climb onto it
Within the task time limits the structure must be dismantled and left tidily for the next team

The key is to plan before they handle the equipment, and then to articulate their thoughts to other team members because they will not have paper.
If the team build a tripod, lay the 3 longer poles next to and on top of each other they can then tie a knot at the top. Once the 3 logs are lifted into position and the legs opened, the knot will naturally become a lot tighter. They can then lash the shorter poles into position. Before they climb onto the structure, please thoroughly check it for stability.


  • leadership
  • Problem solving
  • teamwork
  • Time management

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