The Priest of the Parish

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A game based on a forgetful priest who looses his considering cap


Chairs (one per Young Person)


Everyone sits in a circle. One person (usually the person organising the game) is the "Priest". Players are numbered clockwise from the Priest. The first player is "Matthew", then "Mark", "Luke", and "John". The remaining players are numbered sequentially from one, except the last player (the one to the right of the Priest) who is the "Dogbox".
The aim of the game is become the Priest. Anyone who makes a mistake goes to Dogbox (and everyone moves up a position). Game play is very similar to what's described above. Each round starts with the Priest saying: "The priest of the parish has lost his thinking cap. Some say this, and some say that, but I say it was X. 1. 2. 3. Down."
Person X has to respond before the Priest reaches "Down" or they go to the Dogbox. Likewise, anyone who responds incorrectly, or out of turn, also goes to Dogbox. The correct response refrain goes like this:
X: "Who me sir?"
P: "Yes, you sir!"
X: "Nay, not I sir."
P: "Then who sir?"
X: "I say it was Y. 1. 2. 3. Down."
Whereupon the refrain is repeated between X and Y, with player Y attempting to get out player Z at the end. This is repeated indefinitely until someone makes a mistake and goes to Dogbox.
The challenges in this version of the game are remembering who you are (it might change every time someone goes to Dogbox) and answering quickly enough. There's considerable scope for strategy, particularly in moving the Priest to Dogbox.
To help new players, the chairs are sometimes labelled with their correct "number", although this does remove some of the fun that comes from complete confusion.



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