Poppy Selling 2017

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Keas ands Cubs have the opportunity to work towards gaining their ANZAC badge by selling Poppies in the run up to ANZAC day.
The days will be Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd April 9am - 1pm each day in Tuakau.


Everything will be provided, you will only be required to turn up in your clean, full, correct uniform, and positive attitude.


Keas and Cubs will be required to man a table, selling poppies on behalf of the Returned Services Association(RSA).
There must be two members in full, correct uniform, at all times with an accompanying adult. (Please note that there will be no leaders at this event).This is an opportunity to promote who we are as a local club, so it is important that good behaviour and manners are shown the whole time.
You will be required to be at the table for at least one hour.



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