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Woggle Rustlers Game

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A slightly different game of tag with one team guarding their woggles.


1 woggle per scout, stopwatch


Put the scouts into two teams. Teams take it in turn to line up in a straight line with their legs apart, feet touching the next scout, with their woggle on the floor between their legs. On “Go!” the other team has to try to grab the woggles without being tagged. Any scout tagged is out and the woggle put back if just taken. Play continues until all the woggles have been rustled or all of the scouts have been tagged. The team that rustled all the woggles quicker is the winner. If both teams are all out before all the woggles have been rustled then the team that rustled more woggles is the winner. If a tie for the number of woggles rustled, then the team that rustled quicker is the winner. If the two teams are too big, have four teams.
From “1000 Fantastic Scout Games”
Amazon: http://amzn.eu/esmdMtz


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