Beavers Easter Egg Hunt

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Beavers Easter Egg Hunt for groups with 4 lodges


Hollow (fillable) Easter eggs
Beaver promise words (as attached) to cut out and put inside the eggs
Mini chocolate eggs


Easter Egg Hunt (with plastic hollow easter eggs)

8 easter eggs to find per lodge, containing the words: "I promise", "To do", "my best","To be", "kind", "and", "helpful and", "to love God":
Red Lodge find pink eggs
Yellow Lodge find yellow eggs
Green Lodge find green eggs
Blue Lodge find blue eggs

Once all the 8 easter eggs for the lodge have been found, each lodge has to put the words into the right order and tell the leaders what it is, i.e. The Beaver Promise

Also hide mini easter eggs about for Beavers to find and divvy up at the end.



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