Interest Badge Guide Campers Way Gold Option 09

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Make 2 camp gadgets using lashings. ( Gadgets)


Plastic straws
Small elastic bands
Pictures of gadgets
Poles (Bamboo or brush handles will suffice)


Aim of Badge : To acquire more advanced camping skills
This Badge has 14 options of which all 14 must be completed.
Square lashing: This is used to bind two poles together.
Start by placing one pole across another pole (looks like a cross)
Make a clove hitch knot and place on vertical pole, under where the horizontal pole is resting on top. Twist short end around long and wrap the rope going over and under each pole about three or four turns. Tighten the lashing by surround it with three or four frapping turns. Finish with two or three tight half hitches or reef knot.

Tripod Lashing
This lashing is used to make a tripod for use in a camp.
Three poles are laid side by side.
Start with either a clove hitch or a timber hitch on one of the poles -approx a third of the length of the pole from the top
Wrap the rope neatly, but not too tightly, under and over the poles until six or seven complete turns have been taken.
Finish with frapping turns round either side of the central post, three times, pulling tightly. Tie off with a reef knot. Open out the poles – it should stand!
A tripod can be used to support many gadgets, but the most common use is to support a basin for washing.
Place basin above the lashing. To ensure stability of a basin on the tripod, place three supporting short poles just above the lashing. Place each supporting pole between two upright poles using square lashings - it will look like a triangle – sit the basin on top.
First Night: Distribute pictures of gadgets among your patrols. Challenge them to make some gadgets using plastic straws and small elastic bands.
Second Night: Teach square lashing – challenge patrol to make a small gadget e.g. pot stand (four poles approx 30cm long lashed at four corners – will look like a square.
Third Night: Teach tripod lashing – challenge patrol to make a wash stand.


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