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Father’s Day Craft (My Dad Rocks Paper-weight)


 Medium to Large stone
 Acrylic Paint
 Paint brushes
 Old Newspapers
 Craft Varnish


On average this activity will need to be completed over two meetings to allow drying time

• Make sure your rocks are clean and dry before you start. This will ensure your paint adheres to the stone.
• Set the Ladybirds up with a bucket of soapy water and some old toothbrushes, and let them scrub their stones clean.

• Ask Each Ladybird to choose a base-colour for her rock.

• Give each Ladybird a paint brush and the colour she has chosen.

• When the rocks dry, ask the Ladybirds to select colours for their detail painting.

• Continue until each Ladybird has added as many colours as she pleases, and she announces that she’s finished.

• When the finished rocks are completely dry, give them a coat or two of craft varnish/sealer. This makes the paint colours pop!


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