Popcorn in a bag

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Popcorn in a Bag
Short description: Make popcorn in a bag made from cooking foil.


Equipment: Stove (gas) or Campfire or alternative heat source
Cooking foil
Popping corn
Vegetable oil
Tongs (optional)
Sugar / Salt


Instructions: - Tear two squares of cooking foil per Scout. The ideal size is the wider foil, approximately 18" (45cm) wide
- Place one square of foil on top of the other so it is double thickness, dull side outer-most
- Fold it in half cross-ways
- Crimp the two side edges together leaving the top open like an envelope
- Open the top to form a bag shape
- Place one teaspoon of cooking oil and one teaspoon of popping corn into the bag
- Seal the top of the bag, trying to maximise the volume of the bag, leaving a small hole for steam to escape
- Using tongs or a stick, hold the bag over a gas flame or campfire. Keep it moving and don't hold it too near the heat source, otherwise a hole will be burnt through the foil
- Once the corn has finished popping, carefully open the bag
- Add sugar or salt if desired, and eat
Additional Information: Use special 'popping corn'.

Be patient. It takes time for the heat to penetrate the foil and heat the oil and corn. The temptation is to hold it nearer the heat source, which can cause the foil and / or popcorn to burn. Be patient and it will start popping!


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