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Duct Tape Sit-upon Craft


Cloth shopping bag
Plastic shopping bags
Polyester Fiberfill (Optional)
Duct Tape


Stuff a bag with more bags and put it all in a bag… easiest sit-upon ever!!

Take one plastic bag and stuff it with 15-20 other plastic bags. Try sitting on it. Need more stuffing? Add more bags. (An alternative is to fill the plastic bag with polyester fiberfill.)
Once you have the thickness you prefer, tie your plastic bag in a knot and stuff it into your cloth shopping bag.
We chose to keep the handles on our cloth bag to make it easier to carry when hiking. Not interested in toting it with you? You can cut the handles off or tuck them inside the bag.
Then it’s time to start with the decorating!
Start by covering the seams of the cloth bag with duct tape, folding the tape over the edges to help waterproof it. When taping the top of the bag, cut pieces of tape to fit around the bag’s handles.
Once the edges are sealed, use strips of duct tape to decorate the outside of your sit-upon.

You can use all one color, make a pattern, or get as creative as you wish!

More detailed instructions can be found here: http://theresjustonemommy. com/2015/08/10/duct-tape-sit-upon-craft/


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