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Ideas for Planet Watch Activity 7 - Hold a green themed district or unit event - Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


As per the game or activity instructions


Decide on what activities you will do, choose the number and type to suit your group, and how you will run your programme, this could be:

- Groups rotating around the activities (like a round robin)
- Groups choose which activity they will do using the clothesline system - this is where you have all the activiy cards up on a board or pegged on a piece of string, groups choose a card, go and do activity and then return the card to the clothesline and choose next activity from the selection that is there. If an activity could have two groups at a time, you put up two cards for that activity
- Everyone does the same activity at the same time

You could begin your programme with 10-15 minutes of fun group games that involve green, here are some ideas:
- Balloon game with green balloons e.g. over and under relay, passing using only your knees relay, passing only using your elbows, etc
- Make green slime using cornflour
- Green clothes relay - dress in all green clothes and/or accessories before running the course
- Litter Sweep Relay Game - give each team a broom and a small pile of dry rubbish such as cans, paper, small plastic bottles, etc. Each person sweeps the rubbish to certain point and back. If a player loses any rubbish they must sweep back and collect it up.

Attached are files with activity suggestions. If you have an activity that would fit in a 'green themed event' please add to the collection. Remember this also includes activities about being eco-friendly to our environment, remember to include some 'just for fun' activities like the 'Dirt Pudding Cups'. There are numerous ideas out there, search with key words/phrases like 'green theme for kids'

Making paper as part of this meeting is an option, Activity 8 Planet Watch

This is great time to hold your clothes swap evening, Activity 4 Planet Watch


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