Making Savoury Cookies - Carrot & Squash

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Making Carrot & Squash Cookies (Check records for dietary needs/food allergies for all children that will be present.)


Recipe (See attached), ingredients (pre-cooked & cooled butternut squash, ready grated carrot if time is limited), hand washing facilities, grater, mixing bowls, forks, baking sheet, oven.


* In groups of 6 with a leader in each group, get the children to wash their hands and discuss the importance of hand washing before food preparation.
* Follow the recipe allowing all children to get involved, divide the mixture into 6 pieces and let the children form a carrot shape and add the rosemary sprigs with their own mixture.
* Once they have been baked, let the children eat their own carrot & squash cookie and discuss healthy eating and the importance of eating healthily.
- Ask the children to identify the healthy ingredients that went into the mixture & discuss.

*Additional Ideas*

- Discuss different dietary needs e.g. vegetarian, food allergies.


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