Melted wax Art

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An excellent activity to bring out creativity. melting crayons on canvas ( )

A brief 20 min game at the beginning of your choice.


Hair Dryers (one per patrol at least)
Large amount of wax crayons asstd colours ( )
Either thick good quality paper or canvas' enough for each child
Old sheets or newspaper to protect work area
Old board or large cardboard boxes cut up so you can stick your paper onto it and for standing up whilst you are working on it.
Either glue guns, sellotape, or blue tack


Give out a good selection of crayons to each scout , or patrol.
crayons must be stuck down on the canvas/paper using the chosen adhesive (the glue gun works better on canvas) in a pattern / style of your choice .tipping the paper /canvas up then use the hair dryer on its hottest setting blowing fairly close to the crayons but away from you melting the ax into each other.
Variation :- draw a black sillouette on the paper before you start eg someone with an umbrella , a car with an exhaust... try changing direction of the hairdryer as you work


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