GGNZ Families Game

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Pippins make animal sounds to find the rest of their family and discover who is the Mother, Father and child in the animal family.
Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


Set of Animal Family cards - draw these or use images to create sets of families with a Mother, Father and child eg Sow, Boar, Piglet; or Ewe, Ram, Lamb - have enough for each Pippin have a card
Space to move around in


Hand out one card to each girl. When each girl has one, they look at their card and move around the room making the noise of that animal until all the family members are reunited. Shuffle the cards and play another round. See if the girls know who is the Mummy in their animal family or the Daddy or the child?
Laminate the cards and this game can be played again for Father’s Day or when looking at families or animals.


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