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Create a map showing where the Pippins live and work out who lives the closest - and who lives the furthest away.
Pippin Family Unit Badge - activity 4
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Large street map of the area (or draw your own)
paper, pens
drawing pins, string


Get each Pippin and Leader to draw her house and include the letter box. Girls may need help to write the number on the letter box (check the details in OGM if necessary). Get them to think about what colour their house is, how many floors it has, are there trees or gardens or fences or pets? Where are the chimney, windows and doors located?
Using a large map of the community, place the girls houses around the outside of the map, and using drawing pins and string, join each house to their location on the map.
Show where the Pippin unit meets and the schools the girls attend as well as other interesting community landmarks.

Some questions you may want to ask
• See who lives the closest and who lives the furthest from Pippins?
• How many people go to the same school?
• Whose letterbox has the largest number?
• Which house has the most windows?

Be aware of everyone’s security if displaying this on the wall in your meeting place. It may be better to take it down at the end of the session to protect everyone’s information.


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