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A game to help girls develop their observation skills and become familiar with some tools. STEM project
Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


Selection of hand tools such as screw drivers, pliers, wrenches etc. Pictures can be used but having the real item is ideal


Place the tools on a tray or table. Get the girls to study them for 2 minutes, let them touch and handle each item if they wish, then cover the tools and get the girls to remember everything they saw. Get them to name the items as a group. Some items may be unfamiliar to them so they may not know the names.
Variation: Remove one tool and the Pippins must guess which tool you took.
Variation: Swap the position of two tools. Can the Pippins guess which two were swapped?
Variation: Add something to the tray that is a different type of tool – pencil, knife, spatula, calculator, trowel. See if the pippins can spot it – and know what it is for?
Variation: Have some small distinctions eg flat head or Philips screwdrivers for when they get good


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