GGNZ Pippin Song in Te Reo

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The Pippin Song - in Te Reo
Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


Words written up for leaders and Pippins to read


Sung to the tune of This Old Man - sing the English version first so the girls have the tune in their head before trying to sing the Te Reo version. You may need to read the words through a few times so the girls know how to say them.
The wording of this song, as it is in the context of and refers to children, can be translated in a metaphoric sense to: “Love be to all children no matter where they endeavour, therefore welcome to this beautiful place.”
Aroha ngā pīpī ki a rātou,
Ki nga wahi katoa
Nō reira, haere mai naumai
Ko pipine, Te Wāhi pai
See page 6 of the Pippin workbook for the words (make sure you have the most up to date version)

a video of girls singing this were uploaded to the GGNZ Pippin Leaders Facebook Group - 7 June 2018


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