Tie Dye Tee-shirts

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This activity involves decorating tee-shirts


A tee-shirt for each Beaver- White if you are doing tie dye- or a bright coloured tee-shirt for the reverse tie dye


To Tie Dye tee-shirts, you will need elastic bands , scrunch up pieces of tee-shirt and tightly wrap elastic bands around the scrunched up area, use as many as you like, you may find the Beavers find doing this difficult so may need adults to make the bands tighter.The tee-shirts are then taken home by the leader and dyed using a machine wash Dylon Dye- quicker and easier than cold dying. Dry and take them to the next meeting and allow the Beavers to remove the elastic bands
Reverse Tie Dye involves more supervision with the Beavers as it involves using bleach to paint on the tee-shirt. We usually have a ratio of 1 adult to 2 Beavers when doing this. We do not tolerate any unruly behaviour when doing this and make sure the Beavers are aware of the risks. We also have a quiet back ground activity going on. Once the Beavers have painted their design on the tee-shirt with Bleach the tee-shirt is put directly in a plastic bag with instructions for parents to handle with care and wash immediately when they get home. It does sound like a lot of hard work but the tee-shirts look spectacular

Optional - Print names/slogan/logo onto iron on transfer paper to customise your shirt further still!

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