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Activities for Guide ANZAC Badge activities 7, 8 & 10 - Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


These activities can be put together to create an ANZAC themed programme. Patrols can complete tasks over the evening, and in doing so earn their rations for a shared supper at the end. You could make up a ration booklet, and the reward is entered or stamped after an activity is completed

Prepared and/or gather resources for your chosen activities


The Guide International Service (GIS) was an organisation set up by the Girl Guide Association in Britian, they organised and sent Girl Guide leaders to Europe after World War 2 to do relief work. All the women who did this work were volunteers and were trained before beginning their relief work.

To learn about the Guide International Service (GIS):

Explain what the GIS was and did. Share and discuss the extracts from Mona Burgin's letters (an attachment) written home while she was in Germany. She wrote these in 1946 while working in a Displaced Persons camp. Discuss the language and what they thought it would have been like to be there. Then each patrol can be given a section as numbered below for them to act out/role play at the end of the evening

1. New Displaced Persons arriving with with luggage, strange requests and being sprayed.
2. Getting on the wrong road, then no bridge, and finally crossing on a ferry.
3. Food...people arriving, sharing food, trying to buy fresh vegetables, and so on.
4. Visitors at a Guide Camp...German Youth and non German and working to get them to work together

Try knotting camoflauge nets:

You can make a net from scratch (practice at home prior to Guides so you become an expert) and then tie pieces of green material, or weave plant life/leaves in your net to make it camouflaged. You could have a pre-done net and the girls are making it camouflaged. Each group can add to the net for their time at the activity station. This youtube clip shows how to make a net (from about 2minutes onwards). There are also other videos you can find by searching how to make a net.

Another way is to create a camoflauge net using material and half circle cuts, this clip can give you an idea on this:

Put the nets made to use. Have a game where either the whole patrol or howevery many fit underneath, have to crawl forward to reach the 'in' person - but each time they hear a given sound which means the 'in' person has turned around to look e.g. stamping feet, a clap, etc. they have to freeze. If caught moving they go back to the beginning. You will need a signal to so girls know when they can continue to advance towards the 'in' person. The winning team from each round could earn an extra 'something' in their ration booklet

Finding out what New Zealand Brownies and Guides did to help during wartime:

Write out what they did on pieces of paper or have a list ready - each girl has a turn (or a pair of) to role play/act out something the Brownies and Guides did to help/or sent. Girls could act out/ role play for 30 seconds, everyone else writes down what they think it was. Compare answers at the end.
- Sent food parcels to Britain
- Send notes and cards, toiletries, books and toys
- Knitted balaclavas, gloves, pullovers and jumpers for the airforce

Food Rations:


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