Clothes Peg Tag - GAME

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Tag with clothes pegs


lots of clothes pegs


Give every Cub a handful of clothes pegs to peg anywhere on their clothes where they can be reached by other Cubs.

On 'Go' signal, everyone tries to pull a clothes peg off someone else. As soon as a clothes peg is snatched, the Cub that stole it kneels down. He pins the clothes peg to his clothes. While kneeling, a Cub is safe from having a clothes peg taken.

Set a time limit and see who (or which team) has the most clothes pegs when time is called.

You may need to set rules to prevent kneeling too long or kneeling without first snatching a clothes peg.

Variation 1

Instead of trying to get a clothes peg off someone else, the Cubs have to try & attach their pegs to another Cub, Note only 1 peg can be attached at a time
The Cub with the least number of pegs at the end of the time is the winner

Variation 2.

If you are using the coloured plastic pegs and you have a large number of Cubs tell them they can only take a peg off or attach a peg depending on what version you play to a Cub who has the same colour as you


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