Bricklayers Relay - GAME

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Relay game with the aim being to build a wall faster than the other teams


Per team: 1 hard hat; 1 dustpan; 1 flag; several 'bricks' - stones, pieces of Styrofoam, blocks of wood.


Divide the group into teams. Have them stand in parallel straight lines at one end of the playing area.

The leader shouts 'BUILD'. The first member of each team dons the hard hat, places a brick in the dustpan and runs down to the other end of the playing area. He places the brick on the ground and runs back to the starting line. Each team member in turn, races down to build up the wall. The race continues until all bricks on each team are used up.

If the wall falls down while the race is on, all bricks must return to the starting line, so the relay can begin again. Therefore, allow the teams time to plan a building strategy, so they will know how and where to place the bricks to avoid a collapse.

When the wall is complete, the last member of each team races down with the flag, and plants it on top of the wall.


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