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Fun activity for the Brownies.
Can have a themed disco
eg; Mid Winter Christmas, Raising money for local charity-have them come and collect the entrance fee so leaders don't handle money. Will work in with any badge or event you plan, you just work out how to link it. Can be decorations, dress up-any thing that works.


Music on some sort of device, CD player, MP3 etc. Best to have it ready so it fits the theme you have chosen eg mid winter christmas, animal theme etc
Lights if you are able to get them
Glow sticks are fun
Prizes for dancing
Supper and drinks


A disco is fun event for any age.
Send out invitations in plenty of time for people to get ready if they need to make costumes, best to also send out reminders
We have done them as part of Animal badge to raise money for the local Natureland Zoo and they came and collected the $2 door entry. So leaders didn't have to handle the money.
We are also doing a mid winter Christmas Disco and entry is a gift for the Operation Christmas Child boxes and so fits in with Community action project.
It can be recruitment and every child invite a friend or as a fundraising event.


  • dancing
  • disco
  • fun night
  • Fundraiser

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