Camouflage (Wide Game)

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This is an interesting variation of a wide game but keeps the young people close to camp.


Maybe a torch.


One person is the finder and stands still and closes their eyes. They then shout camouflage and the scouts run off to hide, after twenty seconds the finder opens their eyes and if they can see anyone they can call out their name and/or shine a torch onto them and they are out. Once the finder can't see anyone else they shout 'CAMOUFLAGE', the remaining hiders now have 10 seconds to run up to them, high 5 them and then run off and hide. The finder then continues to look for the remaining 'hiders' identifying them so they are out. When they can't see any more they shout 'CAMOUFLAGE' again and the remaining hiders have to run in, high 5 and then hide again.

This is repeated until you have one person left who is the winner.


  • hiding
  • wide game

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