Navigation Challenge for Beavers

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Navigation challenge that will require Beavers to navigate from point to point using map. Ends with treasure search.


Map of suitable area, like park or woods


Prepare challenge maps, each group should have slightly different route, but same start and finish. Draw Start, few intermediate points and a Finish. Prepare list of quick activities, one of each point, like: sing a song, name 5 animals that live around, find 3 different leaves, etc. Divide Beavers into suitable groups, at least two as groups will compete against each other. Provide each group with appropriate adult presence. Take Beavers to the starting point and explain rules of the challenge. They are expected to safely navigate from point to point (no running/pushing/tripping/ etc.) using provided map, and fulfill all quick activities along the way. Leader assigned to each of the groups will assess if group passed each activity and can proceed. Beavers can't proceed without passing an activity. At the finish, leaders will ask group to find a hidden treasure and describe where hidden (nearby), for example: in the roots of a very old tree, not further than 10 paces away. First group to get to finish and find a treasure wins.


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