Beeswax cotton food wraps

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Make a beeswax covered cotton wrap to replace plastic cling film.


Cotton fabric
Beeswax (100 grams makes four)
Baking paper
Old towel


1. Cut your cotton fabric into the desired sizes.
2. Cut two sheets of baking paper larger than the fabric.
3. Place the first layer of baking paper on the towel, and place the fabric on top of the baking paper, raw side up.
4. Cover the fabric with the beeswax pellets. Spread evenly.
5. Place the second layer of baking paper on top of the fabric and beeswax. Melt the beeswax with a warm iron.
6. Once all the beeswax is melted, you will notice the fabric slightly change colour.
7. Allow to set for a minute, then remove the top layer of baking paper.
8. Next, gently peel off the fabric and beeswax layer. Put it to one side to dry on a clean area or wire rack.
9. Use your wraps to package your lunch. But remember, due to cleaning constraints it's not advised to use them to wrap raw meats.



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